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Are you getting quality service or is it disservice you get?

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Katherine Ting

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New Member
The Borneo Post Nov 19, 2008 reported that the number of complaints received against the civil service is on the rise. Some 6,059 complaints were recorded up to September, 2008. In 2005, there were 2,707 complaints and this rose to 3,397 in 2006 and then to 5,347 in 2007.

What about those of us who daily come across all kinds of disservice whether from the public or private service and just take it in our own stride?

We love to gripe about bad experiences. But what about the times we are be served with great customer service? Hey, what were some of your service experiences like? Have a great service lately? I did!

I settled my electricity bills through my credit card which was replaced recently. I emailed Justina of Sesco and requested that my records be amended. After pressing the send button, I followed it up with a phone call. She informed she had read my email and will act on it. I received her email a short while later confirming that action was already taken. Superb service, Justina! SESCO boleh!

Do share some of your good and bad experiences of customer service.

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