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Celebrate Valentine's Day in Style

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1 Celebrate Valentine's Day in Style on Mon Feb 09, 2009 10:42 pm

Joyce Loh

What are you going to buy for your love one on the 14 Feb 2009 ?

Candle Dinner,cholocate ,diamond,car,house, Holiday in Europe....Many choices!!!

Why don't you buy a gift of style for :

1. Your Female Staff
2. Your Wife
3. Your Partner
4. Your Women Friends
5. Your Mother
6. Your Sisters
7. Your Female Teachers
8. Your Secretary
9. Your Daughter
10.Your Female Pastors
11.And... Yourself

A gift of style is to register the Women Conference for your love one. The Women Conference will help them to be "beauty beyond beautiful"

This conference is a transforming experience for every women. Their life will not be the same because they find out who they are make lots...... of difference.

A gift of style is a gift that lasts... a life time.


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