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Are you burying your talent ??

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1 Re: Are you burying your talent ?? on Wed Jan 07, 2009 9:02 pm

Joyce Loh

Are you burying your talent ??
Read this story and tell me your answer……

Let me tell you story called the Parable of the Talents.
One day a wealthy boss was going to go on a business trip, so he gathered his three servants and told them that he was leaving them in charge of all of his wealth. He divided up his wealth and gave it to the three servants.
To the first servant, he gave five talents.
To the second servant, he gave two talents.
To the third servant, he gave one talent.
The first servant took the five talents his master had given him and put it to work and earned five more talents.
The second also invested his two talents wisely and earned two more talents.
The third servant took his one talent and buried it in the ground for safe keeping.
When the master returned, he was very pleased when the first two servants told him that they had doubled his money. "Well done," he said. "Because you had been faithful with what I have given you, I will give you much more."
"How about you?" he asked the third servant. "What did you do with the money that I left with you?"
The third servant said to the master, "I FEAR keeps me from developing my talent, I have self doubt and was afraid and so I hid your talent in the ground so that it would be safe. See, here it is."
The master was angry. "You are a wicked and lazy servant. You could have at least put my money in the bank where it would earn more." He then took the one talent from the lazy servant and gave it to the one who had ten talents.
Insecurity, Fear of Rejection, Self Pity, Fear of man stop you and me from using and growing our talent. You are responsible and accountable to your own life and success.
Don’t focus on what you do not have and do nothing. Stop blaming others for not making it in life.
Focus on what you have. Invest in your talent and multiply it. If you do not use your talent you lose it.
Make a decision to use and expand your talent.
Do you know anyone who is complaining and comparing with another person ? Remember to share this story with that person….

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2 Re: Are you burying your talent ?? on Mon Jan 12, 2009 12:23 pm


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New Member
God create every one for something , but that something god wont tell u , is on us to discover that speacial ability , we have to thanks god for giving us a complete parts of our body , and is up to us how are we going to do with our life . Chances does not came every time, we dont wait for the chance to came , we have to prepare for it , so when it came we dont have to worry much , we just have to do our best and be smart Twisted Evil

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3 Re: Are you burying your talent ?? on Wed Mar 11, 2009 4:38 pm


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if i continue stay in kuching i will burying all my talent, all i know is God want me to do a thing at another place but not kuching. i cant find any belonging and way to used my talent in kuching but when i'm at others place i found myself there and i can used my talent there. so...hehe! Wink lol!

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