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What do you like and dislike?

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1 What do you like and dislike? on Thu Jan 08, 2009 3:58 pm

Katherine Ting

New Member
New Member
Now what do I like? Lots actually.
I like it when it drizzles, it keeps the weather cool.
I like it when I meet considerate and courteous people.
I like it when I can have intelligent conversations with people and even better when I can learn something from them.
I like to be informed about things so that I appear a little wise - no, that's not true, it's actually good to be informed so that I can handle things more confidently. I enjoy cooking for friends and family members and if they loved my cooking and finished off every bite, it makes my day.
I like to help people when they need help and it's within my ability to do so and encourage them too if I sense they need some.
I like it when I see good values are instilled in children and youths.
I like it when I achieve my targets at work.
I like to visit places and learn about other cultures.
I like to see long time married old couples still hand in hand. Lovely sight!
I enjoy seeing babies, toddlers and young kids in giggling fits. Makes me want to join in and have a good laugh as well.
I like to eat home made biscuits and cakes but have to cut down because of the age factor.
I enjoy my own company and also love to have a good time with other human beings.
I love it when there's a sale and I got something that's value for money.
I love to read too.
I love it when I see my sons doing well.

Dislikes? Plenty as well.
I don't like it when anything in the house breaks down. For example, electricity, plumbing or even my car because they are inconveniences and being a typical female, I don't like to handle these worries.
I dislike mosquitoes, house flies and rats. That's why I live in an apartment instead of a landed property. And people wonder why??
I don't like going under the hot burning sun cos that tans my skin so much and it takes months to shed the darkness. Strange why the white skinned want to tan themselves so much...
I dislike inefficiency and when I am served with disservice and when businesses offer their solutions instead of a practical solution for me. I dislike it more when they are stupid and try to make customers stupid as well.
I have a strong dislike on manipulative people who like to control others, people who create willful gossips and go about destroying others' credibility.
I truly don't like feeling helpless in any situation.

Tell me yours, I'd love to know.

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2 Re: What do you like and dislike? on Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:41 am


New Member
New Member
1. No me gusta trabajar, a su cansado de trabajar para mí
2. Más me gusta estudiar.
3. Me gusta tener mis propias cosas y luego usando otras cosas la gente
4. Me gusta la música, cualquier idioma de la música y canciones
5. Me encanta bailar
6. Me gusta cantar, escuchar música.
7. Me gusta la lectura.
8. Me gusta ver películas en el cine con muchos amigos luego zapador.
9. Me gusta la natación.
10.Me gusta caminar bajo la lluvia.
11.Me gusta tocar el piano y el tambor, pero no tengo la oportunidad de jugar
12.Si un día en mi día no tengan cualquiera de la música, podría secarse
13.Me encanta de helados, chocolate, pero realmente no como dulce.
14.Algún tiempo que no me gusta tomar el control, cuando hay algo que no lo sé.
15.Me gusta permanecer en el nuevo lugar. flower

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3 Re: What do you like and dislike? on Fri Feb 27, 2009 8:27 am

Katherine Ting

New Member
New Member
What's that, Ruth?



Rolling Eyes


Crying or Very sad




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