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Forum Rules

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1 Forum Rules on Mon Dec 22, 2008 2:04 pm

Chin Ann

Basic Forum's Rules
These rules apply to all members in this forum. Action(s) will be taken against members who disregard the rules :

1. DO NOT Spam or make pointless/meaningless posts in the forum except in the Off Topics Section.

2. Kindly refrain from start new thread or topic in the wrong section.

3. Please DO NOT use fanciful or big font when replying threads or posting.

4. Please DO NOT reveal other user's private information to public.

5. Please be polite with each other and refrain from offending others.

6. Please refrain from criticising on racial and religious criticism.

7. Please avoid insulting other members directly or indirectly.

8. Please desist from posting a comment that contains flaming elements.

9. When posting large pictures/files, please offsite link them if you can. All beneficial files contributed will be appreciated.

10. Please refrain from sending Private Messages (PM) to the moderators or administrators unless it is vitally important and confidential. If you have something important to say, posting it in the open forum is a much better way for everyone to see.

11. PORNOGRAPHIC materials are STRICTLY prohibited in this forum

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