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Making innovation a way of life

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1 Making innovation a way of life on Wed Jan 07, 2009 9:14 pm

Joyce Loh

You must read this book….

Leading the Revolution
By Gary Hamel

How to thrive in turbulent times by making innovation a way of life ?

Hamel argues that to thrive in the age of revolution, companies must adopt a radical new innovation agenda.

Everyday when you switch on TV or read newspapers, every news is bad news. What are the things the companies can do during this depressing economic.

Here are the suggestion from Gary :

Reinventing themselves
New Action Plans
New Business Concepts
New Businesses Wealth

Hamel outlines the practical steps anyone can take to lead a successful revolution in their own firm.

Packed with practical advice, Spirit of Excellence in Innovation and Enterprise is a must attend training for anyone who doesn’t want to get caught in the slow lane in the race for success in the 21st Century

Are you innovated in your personal life ????

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