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Freight Forwarding Software

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1 Freight Forwarding Software on Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:07 pm


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Automation is the core of every industry. There are different software being developed for every task to make the job easier for employees as well as he customers.

The Freight Forwarding Software is also similar software that makes the entire freight tracking and forwarding task easier. This software is developed by many companies and hence the pricing is also quite competitive. The salient features of this software are discussed below:

It allows the user to prepare the quotation for the freight based on the destinations and weight of the freight. The ease of getting the quotation with this software allows the customer to compare the services from different service providers without many hassles.

The quotations are prepared based on various categories like road, ocean or air freight. The import and export shipments are taken care of separately. The software considers all the possibilities and hence provides rates for each possible mode of transaction.

This software enables the user to get the quotations based on single place of origin and destination as well as multiple points of destinations and origin. The user can get the quotes for all the combinations in a single quotation.

The freight forwarding software also considers the dimensions of the shipment. The user can mention the dimensions to get the exact quote. The software is enabled to offer the quotes in the desired currency. One can also get the diversified rates under different headings to get the exact break up.
The freight forwarding software can also be used to get the rate for single piece.
The user can also enter comments in this software to make the future reference easier.

Apart from offering the software on time, this software is useful during the entire process of freight forwarding. It takes care of the process starting from quotation till deliver of the shipment to its destination.
The freight tracking is also offered under this software. It works with a master file model that enables the user to track the shipment anytime from anywhere through click of a button.

The records are well kept with the help of this software and hence it can serve the key data for future reference. The typical freight forwarding software enables the user to track various transactions at a time. There is no need to enter the complete details at a time. The user can conveniently enter the details of the transaction as per the availability of data. The transaction is closed only after all the relevant data is entered in the system.

The usefulness of this software is endless. The software is available from several companies and the details can also be viewed online. Many companies also offer online ordering of the software for further convenience of the customer. The price and features of this software can be compared online so as to order the software that best suits your requirement and budget.

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