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Work Life Balance for Women. Is it possible ????

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Joyce Loh

How to balance work and life for a woman ?

A woman works 20 hours a day. The only hours she can rest are her sleeping hours. This is provided she does not have young children.

If a woman is not working at home, she is either working in the office or has to fetch her children from schools, tuition classes, music classes, after school activities, well you name them.....

Do you have any suggestions as how to balance work and life ?

Someone please share your secrets of how to keep a work life balance.

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Teck Hock

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New Member
There are ten key to keep your work and life balance..
1. Attitude is everything.
2. Keep a rational schedule.
3. Learn to say “No.”
4. Enjoy list-free time.
5. Keep it organized.
6. Batch it.
7. Clear your mind.
8. Get it wrong the first time.
9. Keep the lines of communication open.
10. Be honest with yourself.

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